martes, mayo 25, 2010

President Hugo Chavez slams squatting and failure to meet building schedules/ Chávez ordena detener invasores de edificios en construcción

The President also came out strongly against people invading building projects as they are about to finish. It shows that there is no government in Venezuela, he quipped, suggesting that behind many squatters are people making a living out of the misery of others. The police and army, he continued, must act to evict the squatters firmly but with respect and penalties should be applied. Squatters who are on housing lists will be struck off, Chavez said, reiterating that he is determined to wipe out the invasion system used by gangs for personal benefit using poor people ( full information)/ El presidente de la República, Hugo Chávez ordenó este domingo a su gabinete detener a quienes invadan edificios en construcción. "No acepto invasores de viviendas. Deben ser detenidos, puestos presos y si hay menores deben llevarse a fiscalía de menores", dijo el Presidente durante la transmisión de su programa de radio y televisión Aló Presidente. "Y si estos invasores estuvieran en la lista de espera de viviendas, se borran de la lista de espera. Eso no se puede permitir", agregó ( información completa)

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