sábado, julio 02, 2011

VP says ill Hugo Chavez can keep leading Venezuela/Jaua estima que Chávez "estará aquí antes de 180 días"

Jaua emphasized that he fully expected Chavez to return to Venezuela within 180 days. In his remarks, made in an interview with a Colombian radio station, he made it clear that he and other top officials in Chavez's government were relying on an interpretation of the constitution that would allow the president to exercise his duties as head of state from abroad for a three month period, which could then be extended for another three months ( more...)/ "Nosotros consideramos que el Presidente puede ejercer plenamente el mando. Los informes médicos nos confirman que eso se podrá", dijo en declaraciones a la radio W de Colombia, para luego afirmar: "Estamos absolutamente seguros, para despecho de los sectores opositores de Venezuela, que el presidente Hugo Chávez estará aquí antes de 180 días" ( más...)

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